Volunteer Pet Therapist Needed

Volunteer pet therapist needed to visit inpatient children, adolescents and senior adults in safe behavioral health setting. Flexible times; small time commitment with big impact.

Our patients, who are 5 to 18 yrs old and 55+, would benefit from therapeutic visits from a pet and its therapist. Our Clinical Director agrees having a pet visit would be reduce anxiety and be a special event our residents would look forward to. Therapist could travel thru facility visiting with residents individually or in small groups. The therapist would have a staff person with them at all times and all residence halls are well staffed. Areas of high acuity (behavior) would be avoided.

A pet therapist could visit weekly or monthly, but regular visits would be great. Times are flexible, probably a 1-2 hour commitment.

Again, we aren’t a charitable organization. But funds don’t stretch to this type of therapy and it would be make a HUGE difference to our residents.

Contact Lisa Killion at lisa.killion@strategicbh.com or 919-800-4398.

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Note: This is a for-profit company that has volunteer opportunities to serve their clientele in a charitable manner.

Strategic Behavioral Health is a for profit system of mental health hospitals. We provide acute and residential mental health services to underserved populations - ages 5 to 18 and the geriatric population.