Moving Equipment Needed

Loaves and Fishes is in the process of moving our location to another church and that has identified some new needs to allow us to function properly. We need to purchase:

  • Four (4) mobile bin-utility carts that we will use for our afterschool programs. Each one costs about $400 and will allow us to be flexible in our space use and efficient in classroom activities;
  • Two (2) mobile workstations for use with computers and office files, costing about $200 each;
  • A plastic/resin outdoor storage unit for sports equipment used for recreational activities, costing about $300;
  • Stacking storage containers for crafts, school supplies, classroom equipment and other materials. Need approximately 20 containers with lids costing about $20-25 each depending on size.

The space we will be using is shared with other programs and we need to be able to quickly setup and teardown our rooms, storing our equipment and materials in a locked storage room. These items are one-time needs for us to acquire this summer so we can be prepared to begin our program in August! Call 919-231-4687 to arrange a donation. Thank you!

About Loaves & Fishes Ministry

The mission of Loaves and Fishes is to empower low-income K-12 youth and their families to overcome individual challenges in order to achieve healthier and more fulfilling lives. We accomplish this through out-of-school programming using a long-term, relationally-based, holistic approach to development that involves enrichment of the mind, body and spirit. We strategically collaborate with schools, non-profits and other community organizations to provide critical support to the youth and families we serve.