Mentor, Inspire, Develop, and Grow a child in the margins

Neighbor to Neighbor Serves marginalized, low income families in downtown Raleigh. We serve to bring hope to a hurting community, and one of the ways we serve the Southeast Raleigh community is through an afterschool mentoring and enrichment program. Come be a mentor!

Academic Mentor Opportunities in Language Arts or Math!

We need volunteers that are willing to spend one hour a week with a student to assist them academically in Math or Language Arts. No need to be a teacher! We assess all students and provide individualized lesson plans for mentors to cover with their students. If you’ve ever helped a student with homework – you’re the perfect candidate! All you need to do is pick a day of the week (Mon – Thursday) and an hour (either 4:30-5:30 or 5:45-6:45), and we’ll pair you with a student. We ask that all mentors commit an hour a week for each week the student is in school for the upcoming academic year (total of 26 weeks).

For more information email Kate Johnson at

Enrichment Mentor Opportunities: Share a passion, Expand a child’s world

We need volunteers that are willing to share their passion for one hour a week with a class of students. Studies show that students that have the opportunity to grow a passion outside of the academic world do better in school.

Our goal is to expose students to a variety of different enrichments to create a “spark” in their lives. A “spark” is something they can be passionate about outside of the classroom, with a supportive mentor that also has that passion! We need volunteers that will share their passion with students one day a week (Mon – Thursday) for an hour (either 4:30-5:30 or 5:45-6:45). There is an 11 week commitment in the fall semester (Sept 11 – Dec 7), and a 16 week commitment for the spring semester (Jan 8 – May 3rd).

Example enrichments include: art, STEM, photography, martial arts, yoga, basketball, cooking, running.

For more information, please contact Kate Johnson at

About Neighbor To Neighbor

We are called to cultivate life-changing relationships with the marginalized in Raleigh’s urban neighborhoods creating a community of hope, justice, and compassion.