Internship Opportunities Providing Employability Training and Technical Skills to Low-Income Residents

We at Passage Home are looking for interns who can work in our Workforce Development Department assisting our Workforce Development Coordinator in securing and implementing our certification classes and job training. The position will involve coordinating these skills-based programs and executing them effectively.


To provide and assist with program implementation of activities and programs within the Workforce Development Department.  Assist Workforce Development Coordinator with obtaining reports, tracking data, and program implementation in order to meet overall program goals.  Workforce Development Assistant duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in planning and implementation of Workforce Development Activities and Programs that will assist clients accomplish their goals and work towards self-sufficiency.
  • Assist with obtaining reports, tracking data, and program implementation.
  • Act as Monitor for onsite computer lab assisting clients with needs pertaining to employment search, resume assistance, etc.
  • Participate in agency and departmental outreach activities as needed.
  • Collaborate with intra and inter agency staff to coordinate Workforce Development/Education workshops, as needed to assist the family with self-sufficiency.
  • Participate in regular staff meetings, staff training, supervisory sessions and accept responsibility for aiding the development of positive team relationships as requested.
  • Adhere to agency policy, procedures, safety standards and professional code of ethics.

The minimum time commitment for this internship is 25 hours a week for a full year. We are accepting multiple interns. Ideally applicants would be prepared to start as soon as possible. For any inquiries please contact Brandon Williams at and Iman-N-lah Rasheed at To receive a downloadable copy of the position description please email Brandon Williams.

The impact of this work is immeasurable. Many of the residents served would otherwise have limited options for making themselves more employable. Examples of classes held at the Safety Club we operate from include a culinary class complete with certifications and hands-on experience serving genuine customers and a landscaping development class. The transferable skills and confidence obtained from these programs can often make a huge difference in the long-term success and self-sufficiency of the individuals we serve.

About Passage Home

Passage Home is a local nonprofit located in South Park that exists to break the cycle of poverty for the communities we serve in Wake County by connecting families and neighborhoods to resources and opportunities. We have a client-based program where community members suffering from poverty can come in or be referred in to have an assessment on their needs. Every client and every case is different, so we assist with an array of services. We have a Workforce Development Department that can provide clients with employability skills, GED classes, trainings, etc. Our Veterans Department is able to serve the homeless veterans population of Wake County. We also have a community garden that grows fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as provides teaching opportunities for community members and children. In addition, Passage Home owns just under 140 apartment units to assist our clients and other community members with affordable living. We believe in addressing all of the manifestations of poverty in addition to addressing the root of it.
Passage Home is the designated Community Action Agency (CAA) for Wake County, as named by North Carolina.
We are located at 513 Branch St., NC 27601, at the Safety Club Community Center