High Needs List – Children’s Clothing

Doing some last minute Amazon Prime shopping? Please consider sending Note in the Pocket a few items from our High Needs List:

  • Boys L/S Graphic Tees sizes 16-20
  • Boys Jeans sizes 12-20
  • Boys Sneakers size 7
  • Girls L/S Graphic Tees sizes 3T, 12 and 16
  • Juniors L/S Tops sizes S – XL
  • Juniors Jeans sizes 7-15

Ship to: NITP, 9650 Strickland Rd, Suite 103-168, Raleigh, NC 27615 Tel 919-714-9403

About Note In The Pocket

We provide clothing to impoverished and homeless schoolchildren in Wake County. Note In The Pocket believes that it is unacceptable that children are limited in their educational and social development because they do not have appropriate clothes for school. Through our partnerships with schools, agencies, individuals, businesses and foundations, we clothe children with dignity and love.