Help the Recovery Support Cats

Healing Transitions needs your help in covering the expenses of maintaining their healthy and happy recovery support cats. The cats spend their days with the participants at Healing Transitions and have a huge impact on both the men’s and women’s campuses. If you would like to assist in providing funds for food or vet appointments, your generosity will help support the cats who love and support the participants at Healing Transitions.

Click the Learn More link to see pictures of Phase, Cinder, Chester, Bill, and Ebby and make a donation. Thank you!

About Healing Transitions

Healing Transitions is a non-profit rescue, recovery and rehabilitation facility for homeless men and women with alcohol and drug addictions. We are a public/private partnership that works as a concrete alternative for the homeless addict. We are a cost effective program, it costs less than $45 a day to keep a homeless person off the streets, in the program, and on their way to a productive lifestyle.