Easy to Make (no sew) Fleece Blankets for Grieving Families

Thank you so much for your interest in making blankets for Covered In Love!

Covered in Love provides blankets for families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant loss.  Each blanket is made with prayer and love to bring comfort and peace to the grieving. Each time the recipients snuggle in their blankets, we hope they feel peace and comfort as they are covered in the warmth of God’s love.

As a non-profit ministry, we rely on the help of our community to make enough blankets to support these families.  Each month, we fill requests from our website to ship blankets to families who have experienced loss.  Online requests have resulted in blankets being shipped to 37 states and 5 countries. Besides the blankets requested from the Covered in Love website, we also have a partnership with Rex Hospital and every mom that loses a baby at Rex, goes home with a blanket and information on our ministry.  On average, Covered in Love supplies 30+ blankets a month and the number of requests each month keep growing.

Prayer blankets not only touch the lives of those who receive them, but also the lives of those who have volunteered to make them.  We really appreciate you donating your time to Covered in Love.

For each blanket, you will need:

-2 yards of patterned polar fleece (please avoid light blue / light pink “baby-ish” looking fleece)

-2 yards of solid colored polar fleece

-a pair of sharp scissors

How to make a blanket:

Below, are a couple of sites with easy to follow instructions.  There are many more sites as well as instructional videos available.  Just search “how to make a fleece, no sew blanket” for more options.



Where to drop off completed blankets:

After following the steps and praying over your blanket, it is now complete and full of love!!

Please contact Lisa Kane (919)757-5103 or Bonnie Braswell (919)389-6780 to coordinate drop off.

Also…. please feel free to reach out to us with any questions along the way!!!

About Covered in Love

Covered in Love is a non profit ministry that helps moms find HOPE after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. Its founders, Lisa Kane and Bonnie Braswell, both lost baby sons in 2011 and know first hand the pain and emptiness that follow such a loss. During their journey through loss, Lisa and Bonnie met each other and realized quickly that God had brought them together to minister to others facing the same situation. Through prayer blankets for moms, a website filled with devotionals and words of encouragement and a monthly grief support group, Covered in Love shares God’s love and the hope that is in Christ with moms walking through the journey of loss. Lisa and Bonnie know that they were chosen to be their baby boys’ mommies and know that their sons’ passings were for a greater purpose. They trust in the plans of a sovereign God and pray that many hearts are healed and many lives are transformed as a result of Covered in Love.