Community Garden Work in South Park, Raleigh (Providing Food Access in a Food Desert) *Ongoing

We at Passage Home are looking for motivated and dedicated volunteers to assist our Agriculture Specialist with tending to the community gardens that form such an integral part of the surrounding neighborhoods. Not only do the gardens provide food access and food security in this area—which is considered to be a ‘food desert’ due to a lack of proximity to fresh produce and supermarkets and nutritional content—but they also provide the opportunity for community members to learn valuable transferable technical and soft-skills that can be applied in every facet of their life. When the gardens thrive so too does the community.

Volunteers might transplant crops from one area to another, remove weeds, till the land, harvest fruits or repair structures depending on the needs at the moment. All of this labor serves a vulnerable population in an exceptional way.  Every resident is free to harvest what they need at any time of the day, at any point in the week for free. This gives an unprecedented access to fresh produce that simply cannot be obtained through more traditional means like grocery stores. The garden also serves as a financial enterprise; the mulch is sold to local restaurants and surplus produce is sold as well. The money raised this way goes back into the garden and to the people working the gardens, eventually setting the gardens up for self-sufficiency.

In addition to working with the flora directly there are other opportunities to bring hope to the neighborhoods. Our Alpha Bayer garden, located next to the Safety Club Community Center where we operate from, has bricks lining the path painted with words of affirmation and love. Volunteers are encouraged to spend time adding more encouraging messages of support and inspiration with their own contributions. All that is required are some blank bricks, paint and a positive spirit. Both the words and the produce grown have a remarkable and meaningful impact on the lives of those in the area.

To get involved please contact Brandon Williams at

About Passage Home

Passage Home is a local nonprofit located in South Park that exists to break the cycle of poverty for the communities we serve in Wake County by connecting families and neighborhoods to resources and opportunities. We have a client-based program where community members suffering from poverty can come in or be referred in to have an assessment on their needs. Every client and every case is different, so we assist with an array of services. We have a Workforce Development Department that can provide clients with employability skills, GED classes, trainings, etc. Our Veterans Department is able to serve the homeless veterans population of Wake County. We also have a community garden that grows fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as provides teaching opportunities for community members and children. In addition, Passage Home owns just under 140 apartment units to assist our clients and other community members with affordable living. We believe in addressing all of the manifestations of poverty in addition to addressing the root of it.
Passage Home is the designated Community Action Agency (CAA) for Wake County, as named by North Carolina.
We are located at 513 Branch St., NC 27601, at the Safety Club Community Center