Caring Youth Volunteers or Counselors Needed Every 2nd Saturday from 1pm-3pm

Passage Home is looking for volunteers to come to the Safety Club (513 Branch St.) every second Saturday to provide a safe and positive space for growth and recreation for kids while their guardians/parents attend our monthly financial literacy classes. Many of these guardians may not have the resources or the means to provide a suitable environment for their kids while they are away. This fact also tends to limit employment opportunities and access to resources like the DMV or grocery stores. At Passage Home we seek to address poverty through a lens of intersectionality, which necessitates thinking about how all of the consequences of poverty manifest and affect each other. As we are providing resources to parents we want to take into consideration their kids as well. To that end we need volunteers to interact with the children of our clients in a way that is affirmative and encouraging. The activities that take place during this time are up to the actual volunteers but we have a selection of art supplies and other entertaining materials at our facilities. If volunteers have a specific activity that they would like to set up they may contact the Volunteer Coordinator Brandon Williams and ask to have a particular plan in place, if feasible.

To get involved please contact Brandon Williams at

About Passage Home

Passage Home is a local nonprofit located in South Park that exists to break the cycle of poverty for the communities we serve in Wake County by connecting families and neighborhoods to resources and opportunities. We have a client-based program where community members suffering from poverty can come in or be referred in to have an assessment on their needs. Every client and every case is different, so we assist with an array of services. We have a Workforce Development Department that can provide clients with employability skills, GED classes, trainings, etc. Our Veterans Department is able to serve the homeless veterans population of Wake County. We also have a community garden that grows fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as provides teaching opportunities for community members and children. In addition, Passage Home owns just under 140 apartment units to assist our clients and other community members with affordable living. We believe in addressing all of the manifestations of poverty in addition to addressing the root of it.
Passage Home is the designated Community Action Agency (CAA) for Wake County, as named by North Carolina.
We are located at 513 Branch St., NC 27601, at the Safety Club Community Center