Be a Resource Friend for Safe Families

Resource Friends assist Host Families and Placing Parents with goods and services they may need. Resource Friends can provide physical goods such as diapers, formula, and gently used baby equipment and clothes but can also provide practical expertise such as counseling, life coaching, parenting coaching, financial planning, tutoring, handyman work, car mechanics, etc.

Resource Friends can help Host Families and Placing Parents in many ways.

About Safe Families

Safe Families is a volunteer movement that connects the children of parents in distress with host families who have been called to open their hearts, their arms and their homes to serve those in need. The Safe Families experience starts at church, where families are invited to support a fellow family while they work towards greater stability, and to enrich their own with untold blessings by living out the gospel. By hosting these vulnerable children along with support from the church, this extended family environment helps keep children safe and reunite families.