Adopt A Homeless Person

Join Church In The Woods in helping the homeless. Recognize their value as a person no matter what they may look like. But also realize that many homeless do look like everyone else.

What You Can Do as Groups or Individuals

Adopt A Homeless Person

  • Provide rides to work, church, appointments.
  • Provide shelter, food, hygiene products
  • Offer friendship and discipleship

Hold Drives

  • Food
  • Bibles & Tracts
  • Toiletries
  • First aid items
  • Clothing & Coats
  • Tents & Tarps
  • Back Packs
  • Blankets & Sleeping Bags

Donate Meeting Space or Printing/Copying Services
Support “CITW” Financially

Join and outreach, providing one or more:

  • Food
  • Prayer
  • Ministry
  • Music
  • Speakers/Teachers
  • Medical Services
  • Equipment
  • Cook

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Spanish Translation
  • Bible Studies
  • Musicians
  • Evangelism Teams (day or night)
  • Search & Rescue Teams in New Areas
  • Volunteer Coordinators/Trainers
  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Computer Assistant
  • Church Liaison

About Church In The Woods

"Church in the Woods" was born out of prayer teams going out onto the streets to pray for people "on location". Hands on ministry. The Bible says to leave the 99 and go find the one. Most agencies are not equipped to search for those in need. We are that tool. "CITW" visits the homeless along with volunteer team members. Teams bring food, toiletries, sleeping bags, clothing and love to the people they find. Counseling, prayer and friendship are also offered. "Church in the Woods" is made up of dedicated volunteers who want to "touch" the lives of those in need. No one is beyond the reach of God, no matter how addicted or broken.